Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Traditional Costa Rican Dress

Like most of the people in the world, Costa Rican people will wake up and put on clothes almost identical to those found here in the United States.  However; traditional Costa Rican dress can still be seen today.  Representing an important part of historical and cultural Costa Rican heritage. 

This traditional costume can be seen during a variety of Spanish celebrations, festivals, dances and cultural events.  One particular dance would be the "El Torito."  This is a traditional Costa Rican dance in which a man plays a bull and a women portrays a bull fighter, dancing gracefully away from the "dangerous" bull as he attempts to steal a kiss.  When performing a dance such as this, both men and women wear traditional clothing.

Unlike the United States, Costa Rica has a traditional dress that reflects their culture and heritage.  This type of dress is often see in modern day Costa Rica, which is something that does not happen in the United States.  Traditional Costa Rican dress is patriotic and is worn in commemoration and representation of historical and  cultural events.  In the United States, this can only be seen on Halloween.  Costa Rican traditional dress is unique to and it differentiates Costa Rican ways from those of other cultures.

What is the traditional Costa Rican Dress?
The traditional costume for women consists of a sleeveless dress with thick ruffles on the shoulders and a long skirt.  The top of the dress is normally white and the skirt is usually shiny and  stitched with a variety of vibrant colors.  Finally, the outfit is garnished with a bright red cummerbund which is tied around the waist.
The traditional costume for men is simple but elegant, like the women, men wear a plain white top and a bright red cummerbund around their waist.  They wear black, tan or brown pants, despite the warm weather.  the outfit is topped off with a cowboy hat and a bright red scarf that is tied around the neck.

culturen. the knowledge, values, and ways shared by a society; civilization 

The traditional dress of Costa Rica expresses this concept in multiple ways. Costa Rican dress portrays a huge part of their history and their heritage.  The costumes themselves  take us back to the historical roots of Costa Rica.  The style has been around for so many years and, having only fluctuated in color, their form of dress shows that they are deep in the roots of their culture and respectful of traditions.   The usual colors of the costumes, red, white, and blue, show the patriotic aspect of the dress, also the occasions to which the costumes are worn reflect the values of the Costa Rican culture.  The traditional dress is a major aspect of culture in Costa Ricca and it is unique and dignified among the many cultures of the world.    

Hope Willis
Spanish 2 
October 10, 2012